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    Joseph Bower

    'I have been helping patients restore their health and vitality since 1990. I use traditional chiropractic methods to help re-establish homeostasis to the body. The brain is both a sending and receiving unit that controls, coordinates and regulates all systems, organs, and tissues in the body. This communication is distributed throughout the body by and integrated network of nerves. If any of these nerves become pinched, blocked, or inflamed it will interfere with the communication between the brain and the body. In most cases a pain response will develop to alert the brain that there is a communication break down. In chiropractic we call this a subluxation. The goal of the chiropractor is to locate these blockages and restore the brain-body communication. When communication is restored the need for the pain alert will no longer be needed. Pain is simply letting the brain know that there is a problem because it cannot communicate in the normal fashion. If this alert is ignored or numbed through painkillers, these blockages could lead to other health issues or diseases. I see miracles in my office from simply correcting subluxations and restoring the communication between the brain and body. I do not treat symptoms, I restore health'

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